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I started with a Solidoodle 3 in spring of 2013, then after doing many repairs and upgrades, I sold it, as I wanted to spend less time repairing and upgrading, more time designing and printing. I bought a FlashForge Creator which is what I've been using ever since. My designs are not often beautiful as I am not an artist; they're primarily practical, especially when I can make something that no one's selling or making, that is only practical with a 3D printer.

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Printers: Creator Pro

Design Programs: Sketchup

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Grocery Cart Tablet Holder Mk2 by HunterGreen Mar 7, 2014
Dualstrusion Numbered Pawns for roleplaying games by HunterGreen Dec 30, 2014
Games by HunterGreen Jun 18, 2013
Star Wars Death Star Turret for X-Wing game by HunterGreen Dec 30, 2013
Platonic solid/Polyhedral dice bracelet beads Made by HunterGreen Feb 7, 2014
Figurines by HunterGreen May 15, 2013