My primary usage for 3D printing was making obsolete parts that can't be purchased, however, due to my ever growing interest in shooting sports and competitive shooting, my ideas and thus 3D models have heavily shifted to firearm accessories, but everything is still fair game. If you too have caught the gun bug, check out our Thingiverse group dedicated to firearm accessories! (please don't post firearms, just parts/accessories)


Anyways, I eventually hope my investment into 3D printing will pay for itself, and that my designs will save the community time and money. I've been an innovator since I was a little kid and built things out of many other materials before I discovered the wonders of extruded thermoplastics. I like to write. A lot. And post lots of pics... they're worth 1e3 words ya know.

I try to include a bit of comedy in my uploads, and please don't steal (sell) my work. I upload these works to give back to the community that has saved me a few (many) hours of design time. Also, anything that looks remotely like a gun, besides a nerf gun, is unloaded during pictures! I always follow proper safety protocols. They are pictured in ways that may be unclear if loaded or not simply for artistic purposes. On an end note, I make everything with good intentions ;D please don't use them, or things they are designed for improperly or in a malicious manner. That would make me sad, and probably land you or your buddies in jail. Have fun and stay safe. Cheers!


I Am A…

Engineer, Professional, Artist

Tools I Use…

Printers: MakerBot Replicator 2

Design Programs: Rhino, Photoshop, 123D Catch, Solidworks, Nx, Thingiverse Customizer (but I don't spam the site publishing 35 designs of "My Customized Version of.." garbage.

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A snapshot of IVIUPPET's favorite designs, collections and makes

Sig MPX 9 Magazine Loader by IVIUPPET Mar 31, 2016
Universal Magazine Holster by IVIUPPET Aug 21, 2015
Solderless Breadboard Extendr by IVIUPPET Jul 21, 2014
Nerf Jolt Holster 3.0! by IVIUPPET Jun 10, 2013
Swingline 350 MD Replacement Gear by IVIUPPET Aug 21, 2014
UTG Tri-shot Airsoft Shotgun Orange Cap by IVIUPPET Jul 23, 2014