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I use MoI (Moment of Inspiration) to do my design work.-http://moi3d.com/index.htm
I have SolidWorks , VectorWorks , Rhino , bonzai3d and more.
My preference is MoI !
It has become a sad state of affairs when users who download models think the poster or designer is obligated to hold their hand in the printing of that model.
Users beware , If you own a 3D printer , learn to use it.
If there is a problem with a model , such as it wont compile or cant compile , then you can ask assistance from the poster, other than that , you are on your own.
No warranty implied or made.
One last observation , the models you see that are all BLUE are models that have not been printed yet. If a poster prints their model they will post a picture of the printed model. A large majority of the models posted here are not capable of being printed without some modification to that model making it capable of being printed.

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