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I have studied in 3D Animation (ending in 2012) and immediatly went in the opposite direction in terms of a career path. I bought myself a Wanhao Duplicator 4 at the end of 2014 and for a few months kept testing and playing around to get things to work nicely. Fast forward a year and the printer say quietly for a few months.
Near the end of 2016 I decided I wanted to do a challenge of some type, so I decided to start #365daysofprints (instagram#) and have started to design my own things instead of just downloading files.


Experience +-1,5 years of printing, mainly with ABS (which took me a while to get right) but have recently switched over to PLA's from eSun and could not be happier.

I hope you like the models.

I Am A…

Designer, Artist, Maker

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Printers: Wanaho Duplicator 4 Dual Extruder

3D Design Skill Level



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Planter V5 by Keagan_Exsteen Jan 1, 2017
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Planter V8 - Low Poly Planter by Keagan_Exsteen Jan 10, 2017
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Simple iMac Stand by Keagan_Exsteen Dec 16, 2016
Mini Drawer Organizer by Keagan_Exsteen Jan 12, 2017