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Hello, I'm Chris aka Knuckles343. As a kid I always had an interest in science and math. I always wanted to know how things work. I learned to tinker and build as I got older. Became a "Jack of all trades" Learned Automotive mechanics, plumbing, carpentry, computers. Learned a little aerodynamics. I grew up working with wood and electronics. As an adult I worked with fiberglass and metal. I now work as a CNC Machinist. I have worked many jobs over the years. I have been working in the manufacturing industry for over 12 years. I love to learn and learn something knew everyday. My brain is never full enough. Now I have found the new world of 3d printing and working with plastic. I look up to two brilliant minds for inspiration. Leonardo Da Vinci and Bruce Lee. I'm a Machinist by day. A maker at night. On to the next.

I Am A…

Maker, Designer, Artist

Tools I Use…

Printers: Wanhao Duplicator I3

Design Programs: Inventor

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Lego Wheel Chair by Knuckles343 Apr 25, 2016
Nintendo DS Wall Rack by Knuckles343 Apr 3, 2016
Seat Belt Button by Knuckles343 Mar 24, 2016