About Lanius

Agriculture and Aquaculture technician. Working in the plastic industry since 2008. I have many hobbies and little time for them.


I Am A…


Tools I Use…

Printers: Creality cr10, Anet A6, Malyan m200

Design Programs: Solidworks, Photoshop, SolidEdge ST, Fusion 360

3D Design Skill Level



You can find Lanius participating in these groups

Quadcopters 105 5,322
Creality CR-10 458 2,764
CNC 26 1,911
Anet A6 165 1,114
3D Spain 41 261


A snapshot of Lanius's favorite designs, collections and makes

Egg2GO - Egg tray, modular system. by Lanius Oct 13, 2017
Colt 1911 High Quality Keychain by Lanius Oct 26, 2017
MINI Vertical Spool Holder with airsoft BBS bearing by Lanius Oct 15, 2017
Lanius Lab Sign by Lanius Nov 5, 2017
IMAX B6 AC holder by Lanius Nov 12, 2017
Dual fan duct for MP Select Mini - Malyan M200 by Lanius Nov 9, 2017