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Mechanical Engineer, Thing-o-Matic Builder, designer and Maker. I mostly design jewellery items and packaging for electronic devices. My designs tend to be highly parametric, or make use of programming to allow for complex shapes, rapid iteration, re-use and customisation. I use a mixture of hand fabrication methods, machining, stock parts, and outside prototyping companies to create final items.

gaffney_mark https://www.shapeways.com/designer/m_g/hire-me

I Am A…

Engineer, Maker, Artist

Tools I Use…

Design Programs: Thingiverse Customizer, OpenSCAD, Photoshop, Inkscape

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Image to Textured Anulus (Ring) Python Tool by M_G Aug 20, 2013
Image to Textured Anulus (Ring) Python Tool Made by M_G Aug 20, 2013
OpenSCAD Parametric Packaging Script v2 by M_G Mar 25, 2013
Parametric Printable Power Tie! Made by M_G Jun 11, 2012
Ring Band Creation Script - MM sizes Customizer by M_G Mar 19, 2013
Dean's Geodesic Dome and N-gon Pyramid Maker Made by M_G Jun 21, 2012