About MacGyver

Seasoned Thing-O-Matic MK7 user printing out anything I find that I like on the Thingiverse.

I hope you enjoy the many things I've printed. If you upload it and I think it is cool I'm going to try and print it.

I Am A…

Maker, Engineer, Designer

Tools I Use…

Printers: Thing-O-Matic

Design Programs: Tinkercad, Sculptris, Sketchup

3D Design Skill Level



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A snapshot of MacGyver's favorite designs, collections and makes

Scarab Beetle Box (with secret lock) Made by MacGyver Nov 1, 2014
Hyperbolic Planetary Gearset Made by MacGyver Sep 30, 2014
Fixed Grip for Hellboy Prop Made by MacGyver Sep 6, 2014
Geared Cube, Motorized Edition Made by MacGyver Apr 21, 2014
Sliced Human Skull with Mandible and Teeth Made by MacGyver Mar 2, 2014
Brain Gear Assembly Made by MacGyver May 2, 2014