Hex screw bit holder enclosure for 12 bits with rotating clip by MaksDampf Mar 16, 2017
Accessoires for Quick Clamps from bessey festool, piher, juuma by MaksDampf Mar 15, 2017
Enclosure for Pollin Ls7 - 7inch HDMI LCD with buttons by MaksDampf Mar 16, 2017
Simple overhead Filament spool holder for Mendel90 or Prusa i3 by MaksDampf Mar 16, 2017
USB 3.0 external Harddisk case for 15mm HDDs (for 3TB and 4TB) by MaksDampf Aug 6, 2017
6x2 Customized Hex Bit Holder by MaksDampf Oct 20, 2016
Platforms for vintage Shimano 600 Cage Pedals by MaksDampf 2 days ago