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Hi I'm Michael, I'm a hands-on mechanical engineer, technical writer, designer, tinkerer, husband, dog owner, and creator of Thingiverse's #1 group, "Engineering".

I love discovering useful 3D designs and I share all my hobby work for free! If you've enjoyed my work or have ideas for improvement then I'd love to hear from you.

I also do freelance engineering design work, so if you need professional advice, CAD modelling, or product testing then let’s talk! https://engineerdog.com/services/

EngineerDogBlog http://www.EngineerDog.com

I Am A…

Engineer, Maker, Professional

Tools I Use…

Printers: Prusa Mk2

Design Programs: Cubify Design, Solidworks, Tinkercad, OpenSCAD, PTC Creo

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Gamer Makers 70 3,913
Robots 14 2,842
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A snapshot of MechEngineerMike's favorite designs, collections and makes

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Geared Light Switch Cover by MechEngineerMike Jan 23, 2017
SimpleSumo- Educational Fighting Robots! by MechEngineerMike Oct 13, 2017
Arduino Lego Mount & Robotics Accessories by MechEngineerMike Jul 2, 2017
Filament Fuser Block by MechEngineerMike Jul 3, 2016
Paracord Utility Spool by MechEngineerMike Jan 19, 2015