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Designer, Maker

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Printers: Printrbot Original, Ordbot

Design Programs: OpenSCAD, Thingiverse Customizer

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Dyson DC35/DC44 wall mount/holder extension & OpenSCAD end-bit model by MichaelAtOz Aug 7, 2013
Hinged butterfly Made by MichaelAtOz Nov 15, 2013
FrankenHolder - pen/tool holder by MichaelAtOz Aug 16, 2013
Cabinet key for old funiture by MichaelAtOz Jun 10, 2013
FanLib V1.1 [20150113] - OpenSCAD Library for Muffin Fans by MichaelAtOz Jul 5, 2013
Sheriff's/Protest badge Made by MichaelAtOz Nov 9, 2013