About Modisch_Fabrications

All models uploaded by me are printable & tested.
I try to add all helpful informations, please comment if you have found a detail that I have missed. Feel free to use and remix my models for private and commercial use.
I try to minimize supports and overhangs in my designs, if you see potential for optimisation in one of my designs let me know.

Feel free to ask about my design processes or files for my designs, I am always happy to help.

I am very grateful for any donations, especially if you made money using my design.


I Am A…

Engineer, Maker, Student

Tools I Use…

Printers: CR-10S

Design Programs: Fusion 360

3D Design Skill Level



A snapshot of Modisch_Fabrications's favorite designs, collections and makes

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Sink filter by Modisch_Fabrications Apr 7, 2018
Detergent spoon 90ml by Modisch_Fabrications Jan 30, 2018
Leveltext 300x300 mm (30x30 cm) by Modisch_Fabrications Jan 2, 2018