Compact belt tensioner for 20x20 aluminum profiles (Tronxy X1) by MoonCactus Feb 22, 2018
Customizable parametric handles by MoonCactus Aug 31, 2017
RAMP fan cover for 2x 40mm fans by MoonCactus Aug 31, 2017
Customizable nema 17 stepper motor spacer by MoonCactus Aug 31, 2017
360x180 panorama/spheric head for Canon 10-22mm lens (Canon EOS) by MoonCactus Mar 23, 2014
The spider spool (collapsible parametric filament reel holder) by MoonCactus Jan 25, 2014
Holder for visit cards and 6 mm plywood printers by MoonCactus Jan 4, 2014
Bird-o-matic : design your printable bird ! by MoonCactus Dec 26, 2013
Raspberry PI camera mount/support and lens hood by MoonCactus Dec 26, 2013
E3D hot end smallest mount / J-head mount for the Ultimaker by MoonCactus Oct 3, 2013
The Butterfly: lightweight and easy head mount for LM6UU crossbars (eg. Ultimaker) by MoonCactus Oct 2, 2013
The ruined castles: convenient hot end mount for the Ultimaker (drop-in replacement) - and an additional hotsink by MoonCactus Aug 22, 2013