About MosaicManufacturing

We make Palette+ (http://mosaicmanufacturing.com), a device that upgrades most 1.75mm single-extruder printers to print in 4 materials/colors at once!

For parts related to using Palette+, see http://thingiverse.com/MosaicResources/designs.

MosaicMfg http://MosaicManufacturing.com

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Professional, Engineer, Designer

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Printers: Lots!


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Settlers in Space (Catan) (Multi-Color) by MosaicManufacturing Jul 21, 2017
Multi-Color Headphone Stand by MosaicManufacturing Mar 10, 2017
Multi-Color Fidget Star by MosaicManufacturing Jan 23, 2017
Multi-Color Cell Model by MosaicManufacturing Aug 15, 2017

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Fuze Hanging Planter by MosaicManufacturing Nov 15, 2016
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