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Just having fun. Best hobby ever. Never enough toys to play with. Just Love to build stuff. Easily distracted by pretty lights.
Please let me know if there is something wrong with any of my files so I may try to fix it.

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A snapshot of NenZilla's favorite designs, collections and makes

RWBY Raven Branwen Weapon Full Size by NenZilla Dec 8, 2015
Vanadis Arifar by NenZilla Dec 7, 2014
Apocalypse Tank by NenZilla Oct 27, 2013
Sheik Hyrule Kunai by NenZilla Aug 2, 2014
RWBY Weiss Myrtenaster Full Size Alpha by NenZilla Feb 25, 2015
Klingon Bird of Prey by NenZilla Oct 10, 2013