About OgoSport

Did you even need an extra hand attachment or 2 socket joint? Now you have the opportunity to print out your own! We are making the Ogo BILD System available to Makers. This means you can print the extra pieces you need or even modify our files to create your own custom BILD pieces.

The printed files can be used with each other or with any BILD set you have bought. Whether you're a hobbyist looking for the perfect piece to add to your collection or a parent hoping to make unique pieces for your kids, having access to the BILD files... gives you even more power to "BILD"!

Head on over to OgoSport.com for more info!


I Am A…

Designer, Artist

Tools I Use…

Printers: MakerBot Replicator (5th Generation)

Design Programs: Solidworks, Photoshop, Illustrator

3D Design Skill Level



A snapshot of OgoSport's favorite designs, collections and makes

Ogo Easter Egg Suit by OgoSport Apr 16, 2014
Hexagon Connector by OgoSport Mar 26, 2014
Disk Connector by OgoSport Jan 24, 2014
Ogo Fish by OgoSport Feb 6, 2014
Ball to Socket Posts by OgoSport Feb 27, 2014
Tentacle by OgoSport Jan 24, 2014