About Ohmarinus

Student of Inter-Architecture (beware, NOT! Interior Architecture), working on living, living on working. Trying to be aware of the end-user, and just using a 3D-printer for when I need my mind cleared for a moment.

3D-designing small parts and small technical things is a hobby and although I have good manual skill, watching a 3D-design coming from your computer screen into the real world is like watching TV. I can only imagine how people must have felt 50 years ago when their parents bought the first washing machine and the whole family sat down in front of the washing machine to look through that tiny circular window, how clothes spin and the soap foams..

And in the future, 10 years from now, we remember how 'authentic' 3D-printing was back in the days ;)


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Tools I Use…

Printers: Prusa Air 2 XL and MendelMax 1.6 and CoreXY inspired


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J-head cooling shield for 30mm fan by Ohmarinus Aug 4, 2013
MendelMax 1.5 Made by Ohmarinus Jan 25, 2014
Just beautiful things by Ohmarinus Apr 28, 2013
Supersimple Air 2 Spool Holder by Ohmarinus Jun 22, 2013
Bust of ViresX Made by Ohmarinus May 17, 2013
Reprap Air 2 Upgrades and Addons by Ohmarinus Apr 4, 2013