About PhatJustice

I drive a Makerfarm Prusa Air2 with:

  • 8x8 bed
  • a 3mm Greg's Wade's hinged accessible extruder
  • slot-mount J-head
  • .35 nozzle
  • Kysan motors
  • Printrboard
  • Open-frame LED power supply.
  • Only ABS
  • Hair Spray on MK1-heated glass.

Alternately for educational purposes I also drive a:

  • Skeleton3d printer
  • With 1.75 bowden-driven E3d Lite6
  • PEI on a glass plate
  • PLA
  • AirTripper's BSP Bowden extruder
  • PrintrBoard Rev. "E"

On the shelf in the process of being built:

  • RepRap Wallace (original 6mm/nema14 style)
  • 10x10 bed
  • Bowden extruder
  • 1.75mm e3d Lite v6
  • RAMPS 1.4 (for now)

I design my Things in OpenSCAD, slice with CuraEngine, and print with Repetier Host.

I Am A…

Maker, Engineer, Designer

Tools I Use…

Printers: RepRap Prusa Air2

Design Programs: OpenSCAD, Inkscape

3D Design Skill Level