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Purveyors of fine designs and scholars among men. I have a theoretical degree in hypothetical physics and I'm willing to use it. Seriously, don't make me.

Nah, just kidding, Phistterbut_Inc. is made of a widely diversified team of door to door gcode selling marmosets and is currently accepting applicants!

Retired and bored, that should explain it. Hit me up, I'm only slightly sarcastic these days.

Coming to a printer near you!

Printer Deets:
We use an upgraded Sunhokey Prusa i3 with an e3d v6 and a 200w silicone bed, nicknamed Dildahmetron. Printer is controlled with an Rpi3b and octoprint connected to a 5v usb led strip with v2 camera for time lapses. Wonderful setup, pretty cheap for the quality.

Recent purchase of nozzles has led me into new places, look for new things soon.

"But, I do know penis, and this is a big bag of dicks my friends."
Jim Sterling.
Thank god for him

Never thought I'd have license to quote myself, but here we go,
"Printing is much like masturbating with your off hand; half art, half science, and when you get it right, very satisfying."
Yours truly.

Before you ask about inductive sensor modules ending in /bx, please read this:

Also, this is a practice I follow: https://youtu.be/y5MV-9_FKvI?t=8m2s
Thanks to Barnacles for making a video on it.

If you made it this far and still think I'm an @$$, keep in mind, you have no method of telling my tone from text on a screen. This community helped me greatly when I first started, so I give back.

After receiving the third email about failed tipping attempts, I decided to fix that. So, if by chance you'd like to buy me coffee, I won't say no. Dinner and a movie on the other hand gets you further into the pants party, you know what I'm sayin'?

Stay off Chinese filament please. Shit's probably radioactive anyway.


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Printers: Dildahmetron

Design Programs: Fusion 360, Maya, MeshMixer

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