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3d printing and uploading since 08.16 :)
Most of the designs or makes printed and tested with PLA (BQ, HatchBox or Kaisertech), rarely in TPU (SainSmart).
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Thanks for liking and collecting my designs!
It would be nice if you post a make after printing :)

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Engineer, Student, Maker

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Printers: CTC Bizer Dual

Design Programs: Fusion 360

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A snapshot of Planetler's favorite designs, collections and makes

the "what if we tried more power" guy from xkcd by Planetler Feb 25, 2017
threaded airsoft muzzle brake/flash hider by Planetler Sep 24, 2016
roman cat helmet by Planetler Apr 28, 2017
airsoft G36 modified magazine lever/catch by Planetler Feb 18, 2017
picatinny rail for airsoft G18c (cm030) by Planetler Aug 13, 2017
threaded airsoft muzzle brake/flash hider by Planetler Jun 4, 2017