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Currently using openSCAD as my design tool, mainly since it usually isn't too hard to find another openSCAD design to start with as a baseline. I also like the fact that someone else can pick up my openSCAD design and tailor it to their liking with no cash outlay, and usually with only a minimal understanding of the openSCAD syntax. I don't consider myself an openSCAD expert - just someone familiar enough with it to get the job done and familiar enough with it to know there's probably reasons to be laughing at my design approach.

Some will be surprised at the extent I comment my openSCAD files. I've read comments from 3D printing gurus emphasizing that comments shouldn't be expected of openSource designs. I say bull crap, and in fact believe that comments are even more important for openSource. Those less knowledgeable than me will likely appreciate the comments; those more knowledgeable will likely scoff at the fluff the comments add to the file. So be it.

Detail about my build of the MakerFarm 8-inch i3v variant of the Prusa i3 is available on 3dPrintBoard at http://3dprintboard.com/showthread.php?3461-MakerFarm-8-quot-i3v-Prusa-build-by-Printbus

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Maker, Engineer

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Printers: MakerFarm 8-inch i3v Prusa

Design Programs: OpenSCAD

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