About Retroplayer

I will mostly post various bits and bobs I have designed that have been useful to me in my various projects and hobbies. Things I thought might be useful to others as well. You might find the occasional useful household doo-dad as I discover 3D printed solutions around the home.

Much of what I tinker with is modifications/improvements to existing things. When applicable I will post full projects, but mostly it's parts that I felt could be useful generically to others.

With most of my contributions, I will supply the source files instead of just the STL. The purpose of my uploads is to give people base objects to modify for their purposes. I always find it frustrating when I find a thing that almost suits my purposes, but it cannot be easily modified because the STL doesn't want to import properly. So feel free to modify anything you see to your own purposes, but I would appreciate letting me know, because I might find it useful too!

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Printers: Tronxy X3A

Design Programs: Sketchup

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