About Rokenbok

Rokenbok Parts + 3D Virtual Library + Your 3D Printer = 3D Printing and Solid Modeling Lab!

In collaboration with Kid*Spark, Rokenbok is making every tangible part in the Rokenbok System available as ready to print virtual files. Students, educators and avid Rokenbokers can design, modify and create 3D parts that expand the Rokenbok System.

Teachers can use this resource in collaboration with Rokenbok Education curriculum to give students a real engineering experience and expose young students to the world of 3D printing and solid modeling.

The 3D Virtual Library has three segments:
• Library parts - construction parts from 20 years of Rokenbok development, now free for everyone.
• Custom parts - enable Makers to create new types of mechanisms and machines, download and print! Universal joints, bearings, and more.
• Customizable parts - can be modified by anyone–no 3d modeling experience required!

DesignMakePlay http://rokenbok.com


A snapshot of Rokenbok's favorite designs, collections and makes

Customizable Rokenbok GoPro Mount by Rokenbok May 7, 2014
Rokenbok Gear Tooth Made by Rokenbok May 13, 2014
Customizable Rokenbok Parts by Rokenbok May 7, 2014
Rokenbok 45 Degree Block by Rokenbok May 7, 2014
Custom Rokenbok Parts by Rokenbok May 7, 2014
Rokenbok Worker by Rokenbok May 9, 2014