About Rossi1450

I scratched the FA 4 object making and am designing whatever catches my eye.
Up until this point I've been uploading things as an OBJ file only sorry about that.
If you find any printing bugs tell me it helps. Just make sure its not your printer first.
Powerspec printer
Micrometer (lol)

Car badge info(If someone missed it )
To use the vehicle badge right you need to tape the top side of the badge
so you don't lose the spacing from when you print it. I have an object scraper that works wonders.
So scrape it off after you tape it up then you can have glue or double stick auto tape stuck on the
backside and the you stick it on whatever and take the tape off.
TADA Done!

I Am A…

Maker, Designer

Tools I Use…

Printers: PowerSpec Ultra 1st Gen microCTR

Design Programs: Tinkercad

3D Design Skill Level



A snapshot of Rossi1450's favorite designs, collections and makes

Sharkle Night in the woods by Rossi1450 Mar 29, 2017
Sharkle Night in the woods by Rossi1450 Mar 29, 2017
Haggard Garage | 7.3, 6.5 by Rossi1450 Mar 30, 2017
Night in the woods - Mae by Rossi1450 Mar 29, 2017
Night in the woods | Angus by Rossi1450 Apr 6, 2017