CD hovercraft bottlecap replacement by Schorhr Mar 27, 2014
Canon EF lens to C-Mount/CF-Mount (CCTV) by Schorhr Dec 9, 2013
Ballpen Spring Cannon by Schorhr Dec 9, 2013
Christmas ornaments window clip-on hooks by Schorhr Nov 30, 2013
Daily_Earring2013#58: Plotter 2,5D (similar to a A Sketch-Etcher Toy) with pencil holder by Schorhr Feb 28, 2013
Magnet DailyEarring2013#9 by Schorhr Jan 9, 2013
Robot Arm DailyEarring2013#8 by Schorhr Jan 8, 2013
Weather DailyEarring2013#7 by Schorhr Jan 7, 2013
Square frame DailyEarring2013#6 by Schorhr Jan 6, 2013
9g servo arm top coupler to threaded rod by Schorhr Jan 6, 2013
Möbius rail DailyEarring2013#5 by Schorhr Jan 5, 2013
9g Servo arms, different couplers to 5mm threaded rod WIP by Schorhr Jan 4, 2013