I Am A…

Designer, Artist, Engineer

Tools I Use…

Printers: Flash Forge, Metal Simple, Orion , MakerBot Replicator+ , Wanhao D7

Design Programs: Blender, TopMod, Illustrator, MeshLab, MeshMixer, Photoshop, OpenSCAD, Cubify Design, Fusion 360, Agisoft Photoscan

3D Design Skill Level



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3D Capture 23 1,427
3d Terrain 15 753


A snapshot of Shapespeare's favorite designs, collections and makes

Giant Oreo from photoscan by Shapespeare Aug 21, 2014
Grand Canyon South Corridor 3d topo by Shapespeare Jul 28, 2014
Splashy iPad stand by Shapespeare Mar 1, 2014

Featured Thing!

Love that Podcast! by Shapespeare Mar 1, 2014
Screw Hanger from Photoscan by Shapespeare Nov 21, 2015
Huge Yosemite Model by Shapespeare Jun 3, 2014

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