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Shine3D Chroma 1™ Full-color 3D Printer
Shine3D Precision 1™ 3D Printer


I Am A…

Engineer, Designer, Professional

Tools I Use…

Printers: Deltabot with Color Mixing Hotend

Design Programs: Solidworks, OpenSCAD, MeshMixer, Photoshop, 123D Design

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You can find Shine3D participating in these groups

Engineering 635 10.2K
Prusa i3 1,493 9,013
Arduino 90 5,721
Quadcopters 107 5,589
Raspberry_Pi 86 5,346
OpenSCAD 250 3,987
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A snapshot of Shine3D's favorite designs, collections and makes

2-color tree frog Made by Shine3D Dec 31, 2015
Spiral Vase Made by Shine3D Dec 31, 2015
Carcasonne Tile Dispenser Made by Shine3D Jun 29, 2016
Julia Vase #011 - Heatwave Made by Shine3D Dec 31, 2015
Acorn Leaf Made by Shine3D Jan 18, 2017
Icosahedron Puzzle Lamp Shade (II) Heart Shape Petals by Shine3D Sep 24, 2016