Desk mount chair Ikea Markus for VR by Snafky Dec 26, 2017
Cable Clip for Slits or small openings by Snafky Dec 22, 2017
Klink-aan-Klik-Uit Stekker covers (APA3-1500R) by Snafky Dec 7, 2017
Microphone and Flasher Combiner - clamp to Hotshoe by Snafky Nov 21, 2017
PTFE Filament Guide Prusa MK2 Multi Color for Enclosure by Snafky Nov 13, 2017
PTFE (teflon) Tube 4 mm Holding Clamp by Snafky Nov 5, 2017
Loose Strap Clamp by Snafky Sep 19, 2017
Circulation fan Holder Acetone Smoothing for 50mm Fan by Snafky Sep 11, 2017
Enclosure addon Honeywell Heater HCE100XE / HCE100BE4 mounting clamp by Snafky Jul 24, 2017
Oculus Rift CV1 Nose Flap by Snafky Apr 19, 2017
Edifier r1280t Remote Holder by Snafky Mar 19, 2017
Seatbelt Plug raise Clip by Snafky Mar 19, 2017