About StefanL38

graduated in mechanical engineering

teacher for mathematics and
professional field of Metal Technology
things like Lathing, Milling, Heating, Sanitary, Ventilation

Beside the Ultimaker 2 I have a CNC-Mill workspace 700x400x100mm
I'm using the CAD-CAM-Software ESTLCAM (very good price to perfomance ratio
can even do real 3D-milling - licence about $45)

CNC-Mill is controlled by Beamicon 2 from Benezan-elektronics

Quite some knowledge about electronics and microcontrollers
coding with the Propeller-Chip (very versatile 8-Core microcontroller 32bit, 80MHz)
and ESP8266-WiFi-Modules (with scripts for Lua-based firmware)

I Am A…

Teacher, Engineer, Maker

Tools I Use…

Printers: Ultimaker 2

3D Design Skill Level