About SvenEDT

Anchorage’s Makers are an enthusiastic group of hobbyists and professionals that identify with the “maker culture” — a movement which encourages experimentation and invention in The Arts and Sciences. The strength of a group is in its members, so if you like to build things (or take them apart), hack hardware, write software, design electronics, work with wood, metal, fiberglass, or plastic, grow your own food, or just look up at the stars and wonder how it all works… well, you’re in the right place.

The Anchorage Makerspace (AMS) is a place for Startups, Evil Genius’s, Infovores, Creative Artists and all who Aspire to Learn More:

Startup Design and Prototyping Space: At the AMS you will find a competent fabrication shop for your Business Startup. As a Non-Profit Corporation, we are Anchorage’s most flexible design and fabrication shop. Becoming a member gives you 24/7 access to all the tools and resources we have available – an unbeatable deal.
Unleash your Evil Genius! If you ever wanted to build a ray-gun or lightsaber, but were missing the tools, workspace (and motivation), you will find your tribe at the AMS! Projects underway are a retro MAME Arcade machine, plasma speakers and a whole slew of home, car and lifestyle automation projects.
Are you an Insatiable Infovore? Ever wanted to learn how to weld? What about pottery? Have you wanted to build a network served media center for your home, from where you can access all your movies and music? We offer classes in introductory to advanced robotics, how to program an Arduino microcontroller, or just learn how connect up hundreds of LEDs for your home projects at our classes. Do you need help with your Math or Science courses? Yep, we have that too! These and a whole lot more peer-taught basic to advanced classes are on offer.

I Am A…


Tools I Use…

Design Programs: 123D Catch, 123D Design, Blender, Thingiverse Customizer, Illustrator, Inkscape, MeshLab, MeshMixer, Rhino, Sculptris, Sketchup, Solidworks, Tinkercad, ZBrush, Fusion 360

3D Design Skill Level