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By day I write software packages for a Large automotive company. By night I tinker. I started with paper models in DoubleCad with a Silhouette Cameo. I have not yet spent the time to convert Papekura models to something the Cameo can work with. Tabletop wargaming turned me to 3d printing. I have found that OpenScad is the most comfortable language for me, a programmer, to work with. I think the Micro3d guys would cry if they saw how I've modded mine, but it works. I hate calling myself an artist, because there is no "art" in what I do. Most of my tinkering is an exploration of what I can and cannot do. I like function over form. I also tinker with arduino, and have taught robotics at the high school level using Lego Mindstorms. I have some strong opinions about Hipster DIY, but I usually keep them to myself because I haven't got the workshop space to do better... ...yet.

UPDATE: the Micro3d is dead. An ANET A8 does the bulk of my printing, and a Tronxy X1 picks up the slack.

I Am A…

Designer, Engineer, Maker

Tools I Use…

Printers: Micro3D , Anet A8 , Modified Tronxy X1

Design Programs: MeshMixer, OpenSCAD

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OpenSCAD 265 4,113