About TAz00

Educated Computer Scientist, worked as a system admin in telecommunications, but currently make a living in software design.

Initially I took up CNC machining as a hobby, as a more efficient way of getting my ideas into the real world. Bought a chinese 3040 off ebay and it's been superb.
I later participated in the indiegogo.com campaign for the MOD-T printer, which actually delivered, and so have expanded my fabrication ability into 3D printing.

I'd rather build it than buy it :)


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Tools I Use…

Printers: My Own Design

Design Programs: 123D Design, Photoshop

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Engineering 683 10.9K
Arduino 103 6,197
Raspberry_Pi 92 5,870
CNC 27 2,155
Adafruit 9 1,859


A snapshot of TAz00's favorite designs, collections and makes

phat-woody 3D Printer by TAz00 Mar 6, 2017
CNC 3040/6040 Flip-up Dust Shoe by TAz00 Mar 25, 2016
Winchester Rubberband Rifle - rbguns.com by TAz00 Mar 11, 2017
BiquadYagi 2.4Ghz AndrewMcNiel by TAz00 Mar 7, 2017
GT2 2MM Pitch Pulleys by TAz00 Jan 3, 2016
Mini-Itx 120mm Fan Case by TAz00 Jan 3, 2016