About ThePlanetMike

I got my first printer in the fall of 2011 and have been printing ferociously ever since. I design objects mostly in Sketchup. I prefer to create custom functional objects that meet everyday needs, but I also enjoy creating more whimsical designs. I'm now using a beautiful Printrbot Plus. I believe in elegant, simple, tested solutions to problems. While my designs are free, I am available to be hired to help you design and print your ideas!


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Printers: Printrbot Plus

Design Programs: 123D Catch, Inkscape, Photoshop, Sketchup, Sculptris

3D Design Skill Level



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Mars Curiosity Rover by ThePlanetMike Aug 3, 2012

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Eulidit Slant Wallet by ThePlanetMike Nov 19, 2012
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Neighborhood Trolley by ThePlanetMike Apr 4, 2012

Featured Thing!

Hans' Lens Stand by ThePlanetMike Feb 13, 2013
Bowers Assistive Fork by ThePlanetMike Feb 13, 2013