About The_Dark_Knight

I am a sophomore in high school, and also have been doing lawn care since 2014. I am a 7 year experienced streetpainter, 2015 WildCat Baseball League Champion, and have been doing 3D design for a few years.

Please also take a look at my 3d design account on Tinkercad. I have a lot of nice designs on there, go ahead and take a peek.


I also have a blog dedicated to Catholic apologetics here:



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Maker, Designer, Student

Tools I Use…

Printers: MakerBot Replicator 2

Design Programs: Tinkercad, Thingiverse Customizer

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A snapshot of The_Dark_Knight's favorite designs, collections and makes

Batman Utility Belt #BatmanVSuperman by The_Dark_Knight Apr 6, 2016
Batman V Superman Symbol by The_Dark_Knight Apr 18, 2016
Arkham Knight Batarang #Batman by The_Dark_Knight Feb 19, 2016
Tri-Fidget Spinners by The_Dark_Knight Feb 22, 2017
The Bat Symbol by The_Dark_Knight Apr 2, 2016
Imperial Star Destroyer by The_Dark_Knight Dec 24, 2015