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TonyD42799954 http://www.CommandoDesigns.com

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Printers: MakerBot Replicator 2

Design Programs: 123D Design, Fusion 360

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A snapshot of Tony_D's favorite designs, collections and makes

Killer Kommando v1.3 - 2.16.2015 - A Better Minifig - Open Source - No Supports! by Tony_D Nov 20, 2014
RECON Lite Hardcase Wallet + Cardholder by Tony_D Apr 3, 2016
Ice Scraper - Car Windshield Scraper by Tony_D Jan 8, 2015
Titanfall Titan - Atlas Model V2 - scalable and poseable by Tony_D Apr 7, 2014
Action Figure - Open Source - snaps together - prints without support by Tony_D Jun 19, 2015
Titanfall Titan - Stryder Model by Tony_D Apr 19, 2014