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I am a senior designer at a plastic fabrication company. We create products for OEM, Power Sports, and Retail displays. I specialize in the retail display division. Originally worked for a cabinet company drawing items for drugstores and shoe stores. Then a sheet metal company bought us out so I was able to learn how draw sheet metal parts. Now I am in plastics which for the designing was very similar to sheet metal. I get to combine all of my previous skills in to drawing retail store fixtures than can encompass all three products. I also love electronics and that just so happens is the direction most high end retail displays are going. I have even had a few of my final products end up in TV commercials.

3D printing was something I was drawn to right away. A few of our suppliers had the big machines for a couple years but once I was able to get a small machine of my own I was hooked.

I Am A…

Designer, Engineer, Maker

Tools I Use…

Printers: Monoprice Dual Ext

Design Programs: Solidworks

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