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I'm a DIY inventor, I love Steampunk and I finally got a MakerBot! I'm also pretty close to completing degrees in Industrial and Manufacturing engineering with a focus on Automation Systems.

ZH4x0r http://zinventions.com

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Printers: Rostock MAX


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Rostock Laser Mount by Zh4x0r Jan 10, 2014
Interlocking 3D Moebius Sculpture Made by Zh4x0r Oct 21, 2013
Demo items by Zh4x0r Jan 23, 2013
MOTORIZED screwless heart gears! by Zh4x0r Jan 24, 2012
Screwless Heart Gears Made by Zh4x0r Jan 24, 2012
Calibration Items by Zh4x0r Nov 27, 2013