About aeropic

I'm the happy owner and designer of a delta reprap (or should I say repstrap)

And I bought an ANET A8, so cheap so good !

I Am A…


Tools I Use…

Printers: aerostock, ANET A8 (heavily modded !)

Design Programs: OpenSCAD

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You can find aeropic participating in these groups

Engineering 595 9,372
Anet A8 Prusa i3 2,080 6,482
Arduino 85 5,226
OpenSCAD 239 3,732


A snapshot of aeropic's favorite designs, collections and makes

magic switchboard by aeropic Feb 11, 2017
3D printed alpha Stirling engine #2 by aeropic Mar 22, 2014
Tiny Mendocino solar motor by aeropic Jan 4, 2015
3D printed marble Stirling engine by aeropic Mar 1, 2015
3D printed kinetic Servo clock by aeropic Nov 4, 2016
ANET A8 Spiral vase linear bushing by aeropic Sep 16, 2017