My first series of packing puzzles. Based on the box from Andrey Ustjuzhanin's wonderful Mushroom Basket series.

They numbers are not in order of difficulty (just the order I designed them). Try the following order and tell me what you think:

Easy: Cake, Ice Cream, Fruit, Coffee Basket
Medium: Egg, Chicken, Vegetable, Salmiakki, BBQ Basket
Difficult: Chocolate, Sandwich, Hamburger, Subway Basket
Extra difficult: Wine, Nachos, Peppermint Basket.
Unnecessarily complicated: Charcoal Basket

They are all distinct designs with quite different ways to solve them, but they all use the same basket. You can print a single, shared basket and multiple puzzles.

You can also buy some of them printed here:

There are two sizes: regular and larger. The larger size pieces are compatible with Cubic Dissections wood version of the puzzle ( )

The regular size pieces have two versions: normal and looser. If you're not confident in your printer's tolerances, print the looser version.

There are a few versions of the baskets: the older ones can be printed in one piece, with the handle printing as a long bridge, without supports. The newer, nicer baskets have a separate handle, that must be glued on. Print it laid down on its side for strength.