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André Sier works as artist-programmer at his studio s373.net/x creating interactive audio-visual experiences and generative objects. Works and exhibits at national and international levels in galleries, museums and festivals since 1997 with code, 3D, video, sound, electronics, drawings, sculpture, installation, videogames among other means. Awarded at Jovens Criadores (2006), at Bienal de Cerveira (2009), at Lisbon MakerFaire (2014, 2015), is present in national and international collections and highlights the series 'struct', '747', 'corrida espacial', 'k.', 'uunniivveerrssee', 'piantadelmondo', 'wolfanddotcom'. Teaches regularly creative programming since 2002, currently teaching digital arts at Évora University. Has a portfolio at http://andre-sier.com. http://uunniivveerrssee.net/datascape/arch/527
company's studio: http://s373.net/x blog: http://s373.net/continuum the universe: http://uunniivveerrssee.net

as1er http://andre-sier.com

I Am A…

Artist, Engineer, Professional

Tools I Use…

Printers: Rapman,Prusai3,MYOWN!

Design Programs: custom self made programs w processing,of (see github.com/s373, Blender, Cura, Inkscape, MeshLab

3D Design Skill Level