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MakerBot® Mobile adds a revolutionary layer of convenience and ease to your 3D printing workflow by allowing you to access everything MakerBot from your mobile device and prepare digital designs for 3D printing.

Platform: Android

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It does not work for me, I have a smartphone with Android 9.1

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hi, I have problem with connecting to printer. I have Makerbot replikator 5th with new smart extruder. when i go to app try to find my printer all go great. I see my printer on the list i use knob for pair with my phone . and i get " printer are connect " it should be good . when i go to my printer i see it only for 1s. on the list (with idle : status ) and after 1 / 0.5s. its disappear....and i must to connect / pair my printer again but i have the same problem . I wonder that its some ports that its shuld be open at my firewall etc. I use the same wifi network plz. help :)