MakePrintable Thing App

Developed by MixedDimensions

Auto-magically prepare your 3D models for 3D printing. A cloud based 3D models Preparing and Healing solution for 3D Printing, MakePrintable provides features for model repairing, wall thickness, STL conversion and integration with multiple design softwares, MarketPlaces and 3D Printing Services.

Platform: Thing

Requires at least one of these types of files: obj,stl,ply,dae,3mf,zip


How to use MakePrintable

Authorize MakePrintable

Step 1

Step 1 (Accessing MakePrintable)
First, select a thing
Click on Tools & Utilities
Select MakePrintable
You will require Authentic the app and agree to Thingiverse's terms of use.
Then click Repair on the Thing you would like to Analyze and Repair.

Click Repair to begin

Step 2

Step 2 (Analyzing your model)
You can see the analysis of the model
If its green its printable, but we still recommend fixing it to double check.
If it's yellow, you can see what's wrong with it in the summary box on the right.

You can scale, orient and rotate using the GUI.
For best outcome always orient your model vertically.

Click next to proceed.

Step 3 (View your repaired model)

You will see your thing "Repaired" with the new summary on the right-hand side. Again if its green its ready for printing, if it's yellow, it's still not ready for printing.
You can compare to original and have a refix feature.
Refix only if your not happy with the outcome and would like to try a different orientation.

Click Finish

Congrats you'r done

If you are the original owner of the Thing.
You will have the ability to save over the file. You can always choose to remix it as another rendition of the original Thing.

If you are repairing someone else thing, you will only have the remix option.


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