About artec3d

Welcome to Artec 3D Scanner's profile!
We adore Thingiverse and its 3D artists who turn digital clouds into real objects.

We manufacture portable, easy-to-use 3D scanners that allow you to capture almost anything around you.

We produce handheld 3D scanners with unlimited applications. Our flagship scanners are Artec Eva and Artec Spider, portable, fast and precise devices for creating quality textured 3D models.

As thingiverse users are always on the lookout for fresh models to print on the Makerbot, we thought we share some cool stuff from our website gallery!

We will be adding new 3D models as we go along, but if you can't wait, then check out our 3D gallery to download more free models here www.artec3d.com/gallery/3d-models.

If you feel like there isn't quite what you were looking for, simply drop us a line saying what kind of 3D model you fancy. Who knows, we might find it in our trunk... or scan it for you!


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