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I am Baschz, an artist and designer from the Netherlands with a profound love for hand made things with a mass production look and feel. And 3D printing gives me the possibility to 'by hand' create small run (art) projects that look like they we're pooped out by the thousands in a factory far far away.

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I have played around with 3D printing a little bit in 2010 when I was invited to join an exhibition about 3D printing. Loved it, but couldn't afford a machine at the time and even though I could go to several maker spaces in the area, I knew I should have something like this right next to me, not outside and on (semi) appointment, so I could tweak and play 24/7. Also I didn't have a lot of 3D modeling experience and the idea of learning new and technical programs wasn't something I was looking forward to.

Then, end January 2017, while shopping for this fantastic modeling clay, I stumbled upon a video of a kids 3D printer. This made me curious about what prices were for these mini printers. To my surprise and joy they went for as low as €200 and they were supposed to be good as well? Nice! Knowing a little bit about the big evolution of more intuitive modeling programs, I started to become very interested.
So I looked around and quickly found out the Monoprice Select Mini was the thing to get, so I did. And I haven't almost had a day not using the printer and learning a bit of modeling. The clay I haven't touched yet ..


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baschz http://www.baschz.com

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Artist, Designer, Maker

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Printers: Mandy (Monoprice Select Mini), Cris (Creality CR-10), iMaker STARTT

Design Programs: Tinkercad, Sculptris, Photoshop, Illustrator, Fusion 360

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