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I am Baschz, an artist and designer from the Netherlands with a profound love for hand made things with a mass production look and feel to them. 3D printing gives me the possibility to by hand create small run (art) projects that look like they we're pooped out by the thousands in a factory far far away. You can find some of these products in my Etsy shop. I also use 3D printing in other work and to fix or upgrade things around the house or on my printers.

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CR-10 Z-axis Manual Adjustment Knob

baschz http://www.baschz.com

I Am A…

Artist, Designer, Maker

Tools I Use…

Printers: Mandy (Monoprice Select Mini) , Cris (Creality CR-10) , iMaker STARTT

Design Programs: Tinkercad, Sculptris, Photoshop, Illustrator, Fusion 360, MeshMixer

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Two Piece Snap-On Coffee Cup Valve Caps by baschz Feb 7, 2018
MINI MONOPRICE MINI | MPSM Select Miniature Scale Model by baschz Mar 26, 2017
SPINNER COFFIN | Accommodating the Death of Fidget Spinners by baschz Jun 21, 2017
KLEIJNE Modular Fingerboard Ramp & Planter by baschz Jul 17, 2017
CR-10 Bigger Z-Axis Manual Adjustment Knob (also CR-10 mini, Hictop, Tevo Tornado) by baschz Sep 15, 2017
TRIFORCE MINI | colourful nutty fidget spinner by baschz Jun 1, 2017