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Designer, Engineer, Maker

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Printers: Solidoodle 2 - Pro , custom rostock max v2

Design Programs: OpenSCAD, Photoshop, Sketchup, MeshMixer, Thingiverse Customizer, Fusion 360, AutoCAD

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Engineering 704 11.3K
OpenSCAD 274 4,352
Gamer Makers 71 4,111
RepRap 227 3,526
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A snapshot of bradjshannon's favorite designs, collections and makes

Better Locking Arm Piece for Lawsy MK5 Extruder by bradjshannon Jan 25, 2016
supported dutchmogul figurines by bradjshannon Jul 25, 2016
Bowden Extruder with captured connector by bradjshannon Sep 17, 2016
Brad's Compatible Carriage v2 by bradjshannon Sep 21, 2016