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Hi, I'm Cathal!
I'm a full-time biohacker and a science and computer nerd from Cork, Ireland. I studied Genetics in UCC years back, and have been meandering through an interesting career path since then.

I spent some time pursuing a postgrad in Cancer Research, before switching track entirely and setting up my own synthetic biology lab in a spare bedroom. I have spent the time since working towards making advanced biotechnology into a thing someone can do as a hobby, or by necessity, at low cost and minimal effort.

Part of what started this journey was 3D printing. As I spent time working in a lab and exploring 3D design and manufacture at home, I came to realise that a lot of the cost of laboratory equipment was due to artificial scarcity and not merly because science is innately expensive (it can be, but not always). Electing for proof-by-synthesis, I designed and printed a rotor for a dremel which could be used as a high-speed microcentrifuge, a critical piece of biotechnology equipment.

After this, I started to see science in a whole different light. Even science protocols/methods are more complex than they need to be, and with an engineering mindset primed by design and iteration in 3D printing, and a newfound love for programming, I've since been assembling equipment, protocols and DNA to make things easier for biohackers everywhere.

I don't owe it all to 3D printing, but it certainly started me on an exciting journey that I'm still following.

I'm afraid during this time, I found less and less time to maintain my old printer, so you may note that my designs here are very old; 3D printing itself has fallen by the wayside as I focus more and more on designing DNA. However, I hope for that soon to change, and when it does you'll find my new designs hosted on my Gitorious account, if you like:

Meanwhile, all of my designs and images can safely be assumed CC-SA if they don't say otherwise; most say CC-BY-SA. If you'd like a high-quality print of some of my work, I host a shapeways shop where I sell some lab equipment that might otherwise cost a fortune, and biologically-inspired ornaments only possible through 3D printing:

Also, I tweet a lot:


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Designer, Maker, Engineer

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Design Programs: OpenSCAD


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Featured Thing!

Microlathe - The Parametric, Printable Lathe Made by cathalgarvey Jan 25, 2010
DNA Sculpture (Parameterised) by cathalgarvey Jul 4, 2010

Featured Thing!

DremelFuge - A One-Piece Centrifuge for Rotary Tools Made by cathalgarvey Jan 18, 2010