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Ceapat is the Spanish Reference Centre of Personal Autonomy and Technical Aids. It was founded in 1989 and belongs to the Institute of Elderly and Social Services (Imserso) at the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equity of the Spanish Government. Ceapat has a long expertise in the adaptation of technologies to support Personal Autonomy for all. This concept encompasses the daily life needs of a wide range of population from "0 to 99" years old. Ceapat has a quite validated experience on the creation and adaptation of 3D based support products. Ceapat-Imserso catalog includes accessible buttons, supporting facilities for people with motor impairments, tools for elderly people and other creations to promote Independent Living.


I Am A…

Professional, Designer, Maker

Tools I Use…

Printers: Witbox , Witbox 2

Design Programs: FreeCAD

3D Design Skill Level



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Pulsador FR5- Button FR5 by ceapat Oct 7, 2015
Pinza de mano / hand held clip by ceapat Oct 8, 2015
Soporte articulado / Articulated support by ceapat Oct 8, 2015