About chikoloko

to print or not to print...

Chikoloko is the no thinking skull of Plastik Electrik


plastikelectrik http://www.plastikelectrik.com

I Am A…

Maker, Designer, Student

Tools I Use…

Printers: prusa i3 bikini bottom

Design Programs: Illustrator, Sketchup

3D Design Skill Level



You can find chikoloko participating in these groups

Prusa i3 1,568 9,502
Arduino 103 6,185
Star Wars 78 3,483


A snapshot of chikoloko's favorite designs, collections and makes

Heart for rings by chikoloko Feb 9, 2015
Modular Hotbed Support by chikoloko Mar 3, 2015
Mini Screw Driver by chikoloko Apr 5, 2016
HONEYCOMB DESK ORGANIZER by chikoloko Dec 19, 2014
Arduino Mega 2560 support by chikoloko Apr 7, 2016
prusa i3 compatible adjustable leg by chikoloko Dec 15, 2014