About chrismolloy

I am a 62 year old electrical engineer working as a home improvement contractor. I do arduino stuff, cnc milling, cnc lathing, cnc wood routering, woodworking and now 3d printing for entertainment.

I Am A…

Engineer, Professional, Maker

Tools I Use…

Printers: Geeetech Pro C Dual Extruder

Design Programs: Inkscape, OpenSCAD, Fusion 360

3D Design Skill Level



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Kerfmaker revisited by chrismolloy Aug 21, 2017
Taig Mill/Lathe head stock T-Nut M3 by chrismolloy Oct 29, 2017
Single E3D hot end holder for Geeetech Pro printer by chrismolloy Feb 14, 2017
Cokin Filter Holder for DSLR Camera by chrismolloy Jan 26, 2016