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I'm a critical maker, I call myself 'cirujadigital' (ciruja is a word we use in argentina to name homeless wich pick up things from garbage). Technology is not neutral,neither maker movement. I think that maker movement must be understood in a context of technological and social changes, also known as cognitive capitalism. Even more, there are important diferences in maker movement in different countries related to path dependence, history, center-periphery issues, etc. These differences affect the way we motivate to do things, not just solving problems vs hedonism, but also the way we reflect about the whole maker movement. As a movement that officially revindicates its heritage from open software, hackers and counter cultural movements, maker movement and open hardware seems to be loosing these cultural bases today. Behind the maker movement lies the potential to make a real revolution...or just another corporative maker-market. We must build a real community-based maker movement, with multiple voices and reflections, before it becomes another middle class fetish. Real democratization and revolution is in our hands...what we will do?


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Printers: P902 Plus

Design Programs: Blender

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